Serving Your Professional Organizations

Having a voice in how your professional Organizations run is a critical piece of making them benefit you as a member. There are opportunities for you to serve at all levels of your Tri – REALTOR® membership.

Committees are appointed annually, to find out more:

To serve on Local CGBR Committees:
Contact your Association Executive or President
Link to CGBR Committees

To serve on New York State Association of REALTORS Committees:
The New York State Association of REALTORS® offers more than 35 committees, forums, working groups and foundations for the member to participate in and offer guidance and support for the organization as a whole. We value your volunteerism as we learn new trends and navigate issues that impact the real estate industry. Please consider joining us and volunteering your time. Click here to sign in and read about our committees.

To Serve on National Association of REALTORS® Committees:
YouTube Committee Video
Read More Here

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