Professional Standards

As required by its charter with the National Association of REALTORS® the Columbia Greene Board of REALTORS® has formal procedures for addressing and resolving any matters of contention brought to our attention in an expeditious and equitable manner. Please realize that mediation may be the quickest solution to your request as well as a win/win for both parties.  Contact the Board for further direction.

The code spells out the professional responsibilities and expectations of NAR’s 1 million Realtor® members to their clients, customers, fellow Realtors® and the general public.

For more than 100 years the Code of Ethics has been central to the value that Realtors® have been bringing to home buyers, sellers and investors as they achieve their real estate goals. In 1908, the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges was founded in an effort to standardize real estate practices; the entity later became the National Association of Realtors®. The organization’s original goals were to establish ethical standards, allow for the exchange of real estate information and statistics, and to develop sound public policies on real estate matters. On July 29, 1913, the revolutionary Realtor® Code of Ethics was adopted.

All Realtors® must take comprehensive training on the Code of Ethics, which has been amended 37 times and is considered a living document that protects sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants and others who place their trust in Realtors®.
Not all real estate licensees are Realtors®. There are currently more than 1.84 million active licensed real estate professionals in the U.S.; 1 million are members of NAR and can call themselves Realtors®. NAR membership separates Realtors® from real estate agents who do not subscribe to a code of ethics or have access to the educational, business and market information advantages of their Realtor® counterparts.

Through this Code, Realtors® are providing consumers with a promise to protect and promote their best interests throughout the entire home buying, selling or investing process.

Consumers can read more about the Code of Ethics and how it benefits them at NAR REALTOR Ethics.

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