Code of Ethics Enforcement

How to File a Complaint

It is the Code of Ethics that separates REALTORS® from other licensees and we take enforcement of the Code very seriously. Ethics complaints may be filed by REALTOR®S or members of the public. Ethics complaints serve to educate members as well as provide a disciplinary process when violations have occurred. Any person having reason to believe that a member is guilty of any unethical conduct subject to disciplinary action may file a complaint in writing with the Local Board/Association of REALTORS® that the member holds membership in.

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics

REALTORS® have voluntarily agreed to abide by the 2019 codes of ethics, for professionalism and protection of the public. They are subject to disciplinary actions if they violate the duties imposed by the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is a detailed document that spells out the professional responsibilities of every REALTOR® and is the best assurance that the real estate agent you are working with is a professional of utmost care and concern. We offer this service at no cost.

Complaint Forms

In order to file a complaint, you will need the forms available by clicking on the following links:

2019 Code of Ethics


Arbitration of Business Disputes

REALTOR® Principals are obligated to arbitrate business disputes (both contractual and specific non-contractual issues as defined by Standard of Practice 17-4 with REALTOR Principals in other firms or clients of REALTORS®. A REALTOR® Principal or Client of a REALTOR® can initiate an arbitration by written request to the Executive Officer of the Board/Association or of which the REALTOR® principal is a member or participant in a Board’s MLS where they do not hold REALTOR® membership providing a summary of the nature of the controversy and the monetary amount of the dispute. The determination as to whether an arbitral matter exists shall be made by the local Board/Association’s Grievance Committee pursuant to those procedures outlined in Part 10, Section 47 of the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.