Questioning a Purchase

Patience is Required

Sellers often have to deal with a buyer's anxiety. For example, you may have reached an agreement with your buyers and signed the paperwork for the sale of your home. After all of the documents were signed, however, the buyers began to behave strangely, getting somewhat agitated and making additional demands.

It is important to remember that people experience a high level of stress when they are buying a house. Your buyers may be suffering from "Buyer’s Remorse"-- that intense feeling that they have paid too much and that the house is going to fall down as soon as they assume ownership. They may start questioning the fine points of the structural integrity of your home or ask you to include your new washer and dryer and power mower in the transaction.

Don't take it personally if your buyers begin going through the "home-buying jitters". Be patient, and allow the real estate agent to do whatever "hand holding" is necessary to get the buyers happily settled in your home.

Buyer’s Remorse

If you are like most buyers who sign a purchase agreement on a new home, you will almost certainly feel a wave of overwhelming anxiety. You may begin to question your judgement -- did I pay too much? Is it the right home? Can I really afford the mortgage payments? How can I get out of it?

This response--referred to as "Buyer's Remorse"--is completely normal!

Call your friends who have owned a home for a few years if you experience an attack of buyer's remorse. Are they bothered by rapidly escalating home prices? Probably not, because that means the value of their home is increasing. Did they feel anxious when they first signed the agreement?

They may tell you that they felt just as anxious as you are feeling, but now are really glad that they went through with the purchase. Have they made improvements to the property that heightened their enjoyment of the home? They will probably say they much prefer the creative freedom of being a homeowner compared with having to ask the landlord's permission to put in a garden or paint the living room.

When you experience a buyer's panic attack, be strong -- you have a great deal to gain!

Real Estate Jitters

Here is a typical scenario illustrating the effects of buyer's remorse.

Your home was on the market for a few weeks, and you are now feeling fortunate because an attractive offer has been presented by qualified buyers. Once the ink dried on the contract forms, however, it seemed that everything suddenly threatened to come unraveled.

Once the buyers' earnest money check cleared their account, they suddenly came up with a list of concerns that never occurred to them before the purchase agreement was signed. Their fears and demands have turned them into touchy adversaries instead of the sweet young couple looking forward to starting a family. How could the atmosphere have changed so quickly?

Buyers and sellers are both susceptible to different forms of stress reaction known in the real estate field as "Buyers' Remorse" and "Sellers' Remorse". Fortunately, neither one of these conditions is contagious to real estate agents! An important part of our job is to help our sellers and buyers through their buying or selling jitters with understanding and humor.

Closing Your House

If you are selling your house, you may have to jump through a few hoops between the time you and the buyer reach an agreement and the time the money and deed change hands. The structural inspector usually finds a few things that need to be repaired or replaced, and the termite inspection may reveal the presence of unwanted pests. Most buyers will also have a list of items that they want the seller to fix.

The ideal is to have your home as perfect condition as possible in time for the walk-through inspection prior to closing. If you have agreed to complete repairs on your home, it is a good idea to get an early start on the work so there will be plenty of time to correct any "surprises" that may be found. Call several companies to get competitive bids for the work that needs to be done or ask your real estate agent for recommendations.

Presenting the buyers with a clean, well-maintained home will make the process a lot easier for them, especially if they get a case of last-minute jitters.