Amping Up Your Digital Marketing

realtors-in-a-digital-age-infographic-09-21-2015For real estate pros who want to amp up their digital marketing skills, or get started with a fresh social media marketing strategy, now’s a good time to shift your focus — as the slower winter months are upon us.

Data show that the vast majority of consumers expect a robust digital marketing strategy as part of their buying or selling plan–they want photos, video, easy access and sharing capabilities. As their REALTOR, it’s up to you to demonstrate your knowledge, strategies and success in the digital world. If you have your own strategies, success stories, ideas, please share your smarts with your colleagues. If you are not  quite comfort able in the world of digital marketing, this is your month to start your orientation process.

This month, CGBR is sharing some tips and tools to orient you toward digital marketing in real estate, to update you on the rapidly changing marketing rules of Facebook, and to fill you in on various ways to gain more “views,” “likes,” “follows” and “shares.” We’ll provide some quick and in-depth information about everything from using video to explaining how to “boost” your social media posts to expand your audience “reach.”

Keep in mind — the more connected you are to each other and to CGBR’s resources — the bigger the impact of your own marketing efforts. Join us this month to become a better digital marketing in your real estate world. CGBR’s Facebook page has just over 220 followers, but CGBR has more than 700 members! Help us draw more members to the CGBR Facebook page this month!

If you have questions about a particular digital marketing topic or would like to share a success story, an impactful video or social media strategy you’ve used, send your information to



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